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What's New
This page contains a list of updates on the LID Clearinghouse Website.

Mar 20, 2007 Clearinghouse Website
  Reloaded Website
  Update: Changed contact address to new LID Center address.
  Discussion Page
  Update: Removed Yahoo! Discussion Link
Mar 23, 2004 Home Page
  Update: All pages are now static with no moving images. Removed Flash from Clearinghouse entry page (http://www.lid-stormwater.net/clearinghouse/) and top border on all pages.
  Update: Changed all occurrences of home.htm to index.html. Will keep home.htm for the meantime, but it is redundant.
Mar 19, 2004 Project Form
  Update: Added link to 'Sample Form'
  Update: Changed page name from 'Research Form' to 'Project Form' throughout site.
Mar 16, 2004 Home Page
  Update: Added link to 'What's New'.
  Update: Added link to 'Search This Site'.
  Search This Site
  New page allowing users to search LID Clearinghouse Site. Testing ability to search database entries.
Mar 12, 2004 Toolbar Content
  Update: Added button for 'Message Board'.
  Update: Changed button name from 'Research Form' to 'Project Form'.
  Project Form
  Update: Changed name from Research Form to Project Form.
Mar 5, 2004 Site Map
  Update: Added link to Discussion Group.
Mar 2, 2004 Glossary
  New page providing definitions of useful terminology.


Last updated: Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Curb Cut for Bioretention

Permeable Pavement Parking Area Retrofit, Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.

Street Tree Filter, Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.