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This website has been developed through a Cooperative Assistance Agreement under the US EPA Office of Water 104b(3) Program in order to provide a web-based clearinghouse that allows researchers, practitioners, and program managers to collaborate and efficiently disseminate and share information with local governments, states, builders, developers, stakeholders, and environmental groups. The administrative and technical information available through this clearinghouse will be useful to permit writers, local government officials, watershed managers, and stakeholders.

The information will be grouped into four (4) major program areas: Ordinances, Technical Guidance, Demonstration of Effectiveness, Outreach and Education. Clearinghouse content associated with each of these areas will also include background information, technical discussions, literature references, and identification of additional resources.

How to add information

Visit the Project Form page to add your project to the database. The National LID Clearinghouse is currently in DRAFT form. We have kept the information on one page for more convenient viewing.

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Last updated: May 1, 2008


“SEA” Street Demonstration Project, Seattle, WA

Typical rain barrel set-up for a residential property. (Source: District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority)

Vegetated Swale

Street Tree Filter, Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.